A Healthy You With Carol Alt and Jaimefit

A Healthy You With Carol Alt and Jaimefit

I believe that a fit mind gives you a fit body because we are constantly facing challenges like finding time to eat right and exercise. And we must be mentally fit to make all the right choices.

This week I took Carol through a basic but effective exercise routine that can be done everyday and anywhere including the office. Don’t have time to exercise before or after work? Now there are no more excuses- I will show you some of the same moves I showed Carol so you can stay consistent and motivated to stay fit this summer. Let’s get going!

Tricep Dips
THE MOVE: Start sitting on the edge of a bench, hands next to your hips and shoulders back. Lift and slowly lower your body close to the floor, bending your elbows back. Hold the down position for 5 seconds focusing mostly on keeping elbows in toward one another and relaxing the neck and shoulders. Press back up and squeeze the triceps. Try doing 10-15 repetitions with perfect form.

Plank Twists
THE MOVE: Start on a basic forearm plank with straight legs. Start by bending and twisting your left knee towards the right side of the bench. Hold for 2 seconds before going back to starting position. Keep switching legs for 30 seconds, while keeping your focus on control, posture and length.

Alternating Side Planks
THE MOVE: Start on a basic forearm plank with straight legs. Lift and turn your body into a side plank. From there, kick the top leg up from your outer thighs. Drop the leg and go back to regular plank. Alternate sides.Focus on relaxing your neck while keeping a straight spin and straight legs.

THE MOVE: Start on a long arm plank with good body posture and hands under shoulders. Slowly lower your body as far down as possible without losing control.  Hold for a second before pushing your self back to start.

1 Leg Deadlifts
THE MOVE: Stand on one leg, opposite leg is in front or behind you. With good posture hinge forward from the hips, sticking your butt out and feeling strength and length from the back of your working leg. Hold the down bent over position for 2-4 second before coming back to standing. Repeat.

Remember: The right place and time to get fit is here and now. Life is full of challenges that I believe we can overcome with the right mindset. Stay consistent and motivated and always have fun when staying fit and healthy!

Watch the fitness segment HERE- http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/a-healthy-you-carol-alt/index.html#/v/3660403961001