My 'FIT' program is all about building a strong foundation through fitness, food and focus leading to a body that is fit and flexible and a mind that is clear and free.  I will teach you the most basic and effective exercises that will help transform your body, mind, food and spirit for life.

My workouts are all about striking the right balance between strength and flexibility to shape a body that is strong, healthy and lean. I will help you find your purpose to becoming fit by focusing on form- the energy and ideas behind the movements.

I believe that finding the right balance between eating foods for health and foods for pleasure is the key. With my sound nutrition advice you will learn new ways to eating mindfully that will help change the way you look and feel. We'll take it slow but strong and very steady. 

It's not about the practice, but the attitude behind the practice. I will teach you all of my mental and emotional strengthening techniques that will give you the right energy to commit everyday to a stronger, healthier and fit lifestyle. 

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